Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to Owlcon

Preregistration for Owlcon is now open. You'll want to get in as early as possible, many games have already filled all their seats. Look for my games BESM "Dragons and Bandits" and Unknown Armies "Brujos de Sinaloa" and Hero's A Penny for My Thoughts games when perusing the list of tabletop games to choose from.

Very soon I will have character sheets for UA posted up under the Unknown Armies tab, just as the Kamigan character sheets were posted up under the Anima/BESM tab. Also sent off to have business cards made, should be in just in time for the convention. If anyone is interested in joining the gaming group to play in Kamigan or in a new upcoming superhero campaign (a companion to Hero's Wild Talents campaign in a new gaming system) contact Ghost at and we will begin that immediately following the convention.

More to come.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

BESM Kamigan

Two annoying things that can happen playing a tabletop game at a convention are having to pick a pre-made character and figure out how that character is supposed to act, and/or making up my own character if the process is long and drawn out. No one time game should lose an hour of it's four hour limit to character creation, nor should I be playing the entire game wondering if I'm living up to the gm's expectations of what my character should be doing. I mean, the gm made this character (assuming the pre-made), I did not.

I'd never even imagined I could make my own character in a con game until I played Dogs in the Vineyard. You have to give credit to indy games. They know what the common gamer struggles with and shapes their entire game structure around addressing those issues. You won't find World of Darkness, Dungeons & Dragons, or Shadowrun creators deviating very far from the tried and true methods that made them so much money. So, DitV showed me that you can make a character in a four hour one shot game, but they still took too long to do so. I think half our game was going through each of eight people creating a character one on one with the gm. Try it, it's actually very fun, just time consuming.

So, you wanna do this right? Some considerations will have to be forfeit in order to save time. I created character templates for players to choose from. It is, in many ways, a borrow from D&D, right? But at the same time I've condensed the process way way down. For normal BESM character creation you'd need the book. It's not simple, and so gives you lots of options. The templates I've made fit the world in which we'll be playing and hopefully should run as simple as: pick the race you want from 7 different, and then pick the class you want from 4 different types each of 3 categories. Warrior class has the balanced fighter, the defender, the ranger, and the dual wield. Deception class has the ninja warrior, the thief, the swindler, and the alchemist. Mage class has the swordmage, the sorcerer, the priest, and the druid. Choose a race, then choose a class, then add the few bonuses listed on the class sheet to the race sheet, grab to d6's, and you're ready to embark on a mystical, magical journey through a world filled with wonder, danger, and excitement.

Kamigan is based on the idea of D&D set in an Asian fantasy universe. It is like many manga/animes in that it can be any mood you want it to be, whether it be silly fun, serious excitement, dark and scary, or sensual. I mean, there are cat-girls in here. So, come take a journey with me, won't you? The snows have just begun to fall, the fire is warm, and the road is long. Who knows what adventures lay before us on the way to see the imperial coronation...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unknown Armies 3 "Killing is My Business..." pt 2

Our players are confronted with brujos from Sinaloa, their pursuers since the events that they cannot recall. How will they survive such a devastating attack?

Also, after this episode was recorded, the players have decided to take a break for holiday events, faire, and preparing for a new family addition. It is undetermined yet when this storyline will continue. Fire n Dice is looking for new players to continue the Kamigan storyline, so leave a comment if you are interested and live in the area. Be sure to find us spinning fire at Renfaire campgrounds, enjoying Oni-con for the first time Oct. 28-30th, and out at Owlcon where I will be running BESM set in the Kamigan universe, and UA set in Sinaloa where our favorite villains originated. Until next time...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Unknown Armies 3 "Killing is My Business..." pt 1

After their meeting with Malcolm, our players decide the first step in finding out what they can't remember is to head back to the Menninger Clinic and confront Dr. John Carver. They have no idea what is waiting for them.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Future of Fire

The players sit down and have a discussion on the direction of the group. Jester has great plans for a new campaign, one that sounds rather exciting to play, and will be a welcome relief to me, seeing as how I GM more often than I get to play. I introduce a new system to continue the Kamigan campaign I began with Anima.

Fire n Dice began as a means to separate itself from Swing and a Miss initially by hosting campaign episodes. We still plan on keeping to that ideal, but things have to change, as they often do. At first we planned on Anima, Wild Talents, and Dragonlance, but I was forced to change headings and fill in with Unknown Armies. Now it appears that the Wild Talents game will be put on hold until further notice, but in its place Jester will be running a new campaign, either for the UA group, or a new group entirely plus Jester and myself. (I am Ghost, by the way, just in case.) Listen to this short episode as we discuss the months ahead in store for Fire n Dice.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unknown Armies 2 "Train of Consequences"

With no memory of the last few days, our players must figure out who they can trust and what their enemy is after. Mysterious voices, trashed homes, uncontrolled visions, and strange music are their only clues as they begin searching for the truth.

This storyline Mega Death is written by Ghost in collaboration with the FnD players, Javar, Jamie, Ashley, Hero, and Jester. Intro song "El Calmaninos" by El Calmaninos is provided under a creative commons 3.0 license and can be found on Jamendo .

Monday, July 4, 2011


The zombie hordes have finally caught up with me, took a huge bite out of my dignity, and turned me into one of their kind. Fire n Dice now has a Facebook page. So, you can either shoot me in the head, or visit our page, subscribe, post comments and suggestions, or whatever it is that all us zombies are supposed to do on these social network sites. The site will grow, but as for now you can find pics of us, the players, and reference materials used in game. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Around the New Table

The new group:


Around the table clockwise from bottom left is Javar, Jamie, Ashley, Hero, Jester, and my backside.

And our two newest unsung heroes and players, Indigo and Frog:


Unknown Armies 1 "Sweating Bullets" part 2

After waking up in a mental hospital with no memory of the past few days, our players team up, investigate why they're here to begin with, and quickly try and find a way out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Unknown Armies 1 "Sweating Bullets" part 1

Imagine you wake up in a bed that is not your own, in a room you don't recognize, you barely even remember who you are, and a tv screen comes on with a video you don't remember recording of you speaking directly to yourself watching the video and telling you who you really are. That is what happened to Javar, Freya, Lilith, Patrick, and Ben in this introduction episode of Greg Stolze's Unknown Armies.

This storyline Mega Death is written by Ghost in collaboration with the FnD players, Javar, Jamie, Ashley, Hero, and Jester. Intro song "El Calmaninos" by El Calmaninos is provided under a creative commons 3.0 license and can be found on Jamendo .

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming Soon

Okay, FnD fans, I have just had my first meeting with my new gaming group tonight. I will still be bringing you adventures in Kamigan and Velocity with the SaaMies, but very soon I will be bringing you a new campaign with a different play group: Jester, Ashley, Jamie, and Javar. We have decided to run...
(drum roll...)

Unknown Armies!

I am so excited about this campaign. I have been drooling over this game ever since I got the .pdf a year ago, and I finally went out to my local gaming store and bought a copy of the book. This world is gritty, the magic is obsessive and crazy, the madness meters alone will make this campaign. Next week we build characters, and then from there we begin play.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FnD News

So, yes, May has been very busy. We had the move, we had the Flipside of Con, and this was the tent we got set up to play in.


I got to meet a couple of people out there and almost got a game started, but if you know anything about the Flipside of Con, it's not exactly a follow-the-schedule kind of event. Ever heard of herding cats? Better luck next year, and maybe I'll figure out how better to wrangle a group of gamers, play lead to a communal kitchen, spin my many fire props, and still find time to run around like the "ooh, what's that?" kitties.

But, in better news, I have found a gaming group apart from the Swing and a Miss group. I will still be playing and running with the SaaMies, but while Hero is off plotting his next scheme for world domination from his secret underground volcanic base, I will be putting together another campaign for your listening pleasure, and mine of course. The game has yet to be determined by the group, so stay tuned for that. Any suggestions?

Also, more awesomeness. Hero will be bringing the game back this weekend, so more superhero action will be flyi... uh hum, I mean phasing your way very soon. In the mean time, comment, leave feedback, let us know you're listening and that you like/love/dislike/hate us, whatever you feel, let us know.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Supers #5

This Summer Supers is the long awaited release of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition, released in April of this year. The release of DC Adventures, essentially a Mutants and Masterminds 2.5 but featuring all your favorites from the DC universe, was a welcome addition to the tabletop gaming world in August of 2010, but left Marvel hero fans on the sidelines. M&M3, while not obtaining a Marvel license, allows players the ability to make their own superheros patterned after anything they desire, including Marvel characters, with far greater ease than in prior editions.


M&M3 boasts a streamlined system that allows new and veteran players alike to create a character and begin play in just minutes, using a single die roll to determine outcomes of conflict, and thus playing hours in a game without being bogged down in combat mechanics. If you have played DC Adventures, then you'll be familiar with the system in Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition.

So if you're looking to create some superhero action of your own, give this a try. At only $21.75 on Amazon, you can't beat the price, unless you're getting the Wild Talents Essential Edition, and if you enjoy the book, you'll want to get your hands on the GM Kit and Gamemaster's Guide going on sale July 12, 2011. Also check out the Mutants and Masterminds website. They have already released 22 adventures for you to play for 3rd edition, entitled Threat Reports, on sale for only $0.99 each.

Game on!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Supers #4

(Cover for JUSTICE LEAGUE #1; Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams;
Colors by Alex Sinclair;
Copyright: DC Comics)

All right, big news in comics, DC has announced they will be relaunching 52 of their major lines of comic series, beginning with Justice League #1, with newer, younger, more modern looking heroes starting this September. Along with this relaunch will also come the release of digital versions of the paperbacks we've all grown up with, set to go on sale the same day as the print releases in stores. This fresher, greener approach to delivering four color action has already been adopted by Archie Comics, but their biggest comic rival, Marvel, has yet to report any desire to follow suit.

As I'm sure you can tell, FnD crew members are inherently more Marvel fans than any other (though I personally have only ever read from the DC Vertigo line), and so this new line up of fresher re-releases, aimed at the newest generation of the kids in everyone, will maybe hold some appeal for die hard Marvel fans. I know prepping for Hero's VeloCity campaign had me looking for a super hero cartoon fix, and I found myself watching the most recent Justice League cartoons over the older 1990s X-Men cartoons I'd watched as a kid. I'd already made up my character for Hero's game before I watched Justice League and thought it funny to see J'onn J'onzz as almost the same, at least as far as powers go.

So, whether you're a veteran of four color, or new to the genre and feel like starting up your own collection, give DC's Justice League a chance, starting again at #1 in September, 2011.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Supers #3

This next Summer Super comes from Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy in Longmont, Colorado. They are a private institution that specializes in offering kids training in the forms of practical self defense, safety skills, and character development. In the summer they have a super hero camp program for your kids. In the camp you get superhero training along with creating an identity, finding a cool name, designing and making your costume, as well as instruction on how to identify and overcome the nefarious plots of your villains.

The online brochure only lists June 6 - 11, 2010 as active dates. Hopefully the superhero project was such a success, as I know it is imagining it, that it is still continuing. A superhero camp sounds like a great way to spend a summer vacation. I'd like to hear from some of the kids who attended, let FnD fans in on your superhero identity, and if you would like, maybe the FnD crew can make up characters in Hero's VeloCity under the same identity.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Supers #2

Summer Movie Blockbusters.

Summer is the season for action, and comic super heroes are swinging, flying, shooting, and fighting their way onto the screen, all competing for your attention. With the release of Thor in 3D just last month, Green Lantern to open June 17, Captain America set to release July 22, a reboot of Spider Man set for summer of 2012, and X-Men First Class opening tonight, comic fans have a buffet of movie choices.

The FnD Crew, Hero mostly, are die hard comic fans, especially of the X line, X-Factor in particular. The release of this new movie is welcomed about as well as the newest Star Trek movie, where it deviates from all of the actors we've grown to associate as the main characters. As die hard fans we will watch the newest edition to the family, but are skeptical of the many changes. Often, the movies that take the origins approach feel too much like they're targeting the younger audience, alienating those of us who have grown up with our favorite comic characters.

But, until we can get another fix from Hero's Super VeloCity engine, we entertain ourselves in the ways the world provides, fantasizing about the superhero we imagine ourselves would like to be.

Flame on!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Supers #1

The summer is here and it is once again time for blockbuster action. While we wait for more of Hero's Wild Talents in Velo City, let's look at some up and coming super hero action. FnD's first look is at X-Men the new anime from Japan.

"The X-Men are reunited following the death of a teammate, and are summoned by Charles Xavier to Japan following the abduction of Hisako Ichiki (Armor). There, they confront the U-Men, a lunatic cult that steals and transplants mutant organs to further strengthen their own army, and the battle for justice is on." - Marvel

What could be a better way to start off our Summer Supers than with a new anime that combines the fantastic elements of Japanese culture, similarly in Anima, and super hero action, as in Wild Talents. I've watched the first episode and it is pretty intense. This is a show for a more mature audience, unlike the X-Men cartoon that aired in America in the 1990s. About the only issue I have with the series is that it is voiced in Japanese, which has never been a problem in the past. I prefer the original language animes over dubs, but hearing characters I have grown up with suddenly speaking to each other in a new language challenges my suspension of disbelief. I would have liked a Blood: the Last Vampire approach of Japanese and English language mix throughout. Also, there are some characters that have deviated in their look from the original design. Storm and Beast have been overhauled and look almost like new characters. In all, it's different, but if you love anime you'll love this twist on classic comic mutant heroes.

More Summer Supers to follow in greater detail. Power up and game on.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy May

The Fire n Dice crew have been put on hiatus for the month of May. People moving homes, changing jobs, and prepping for The Flipside of Con, we haven't had time to return to the wonderful worlds of Kamigan or Velocity. But that's all about to change very soon. We have another session played through and being edited now, and a new guest player will be coming into Hero's campaign, and hopefully the other campaigns as well.

For now I wanted to show you all the game book we are using to play Wild Talents. From the game creator who brought you Unknown Armies and Monsters and Other Childish Things comes Wild Talents, Essential Edition. This is a great book at the absolute best price you can ask for in a hard copy. At only $10, the Essential Edition contains everything any player and GM needs to begin playing in their own comic book style, super hero game. The book explains all the rules you need for any situation, from combat to skill checks, and all the rules you need to build your character. It even has some pre-gen characters for players who want to jump right into gaming.

What the book does not have is story setting. The world of Wild Talents is entirely up to the play group with this bargain book, which is perfect for the Fire n Dice crew, seeing as we have a tendency to completely ignore canon in our games. Apart from that, a creative GM will be able to pick up this book at a steal and have all the resources necessary to run an awesome game. So be sure to pick one up at your local gaming store or online, you won't be disappointed.

Fore more information on Wild Talents, check out their site.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wild Talents 1: Foreshadow

Jump straight into action with Ace played by Ball-z, Pham played by Ghost, and Church played by Mono, as Hero brings you the missions of H.U.N.T. in Velo City.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Due to bandwidth issues and the ever growing Fire n Dice audience (thank you guys so much for that, please spread the word), we are changing file hosts to Kiwi6 which should hopefully be able to handle all your future downloading needs. If you had been experiencing downloading issues, slow dl time due to limited bandwidth, I hope that this update will address those issues. Thank you for baring with us, keep listening and soon Hero's Wild Talents first campaign episodes will be arriving shortly.

Also, the new files should be showing up in itunes. They are the same, so far, as the previous files, just from a different location, but if you couldn't download them before, or had to wait to get them, hopefully that issue has been resolved now. Thanks again, and happy gaming.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Games and Fan Pics 2

We just started Hero's Wild Talents campaign last night. The first episode will be coming to you very soon, and I am excited by this campaign, looking forward to many more sessions. I won't spoil it until the edit is finished, but I will introduce the silver-tongued Church played by Mono, the lightning-fast powerhouse Ace played by Ball-z, and I am Pham "the Phamtom" Huy.

Also, we just got another art submission from Nano, who is only four years old. She drew this pic of your lovely Anima GM, me, that is Ghost:


So, anyone else want to send in pics or photos, or even story of our heroes in Kamigan, or later in Hero's Velo city for Wild Talents, post a reply and we'll see about getting your submissions put up here in the blog and commented on in the podcast.

Happy gaming.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anima 5: Coronation Day

This is the conclusion of the Prologue Arc where our heroes take some much needed vacation from adventuring and fighting, lots of drinking, singing, playing games, and meeting with important figures from across Kamigan to determine in what direction they want their lives to head. We will return to more adventures in Anima: Beyond Fantasy after Hero's Wild Talents campaign, coming up next. So stay tuned.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kamigan Map

I'm happy to announce that the Fire n Dice troupe have finished the Anima: Prologue arc with session 5 soon to be edited and released. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures with Giri, Mofar, Nyxth, and the rest after a break. In the mean time we will bring you adventures in the world of super heroes with Hero's Wild Talents campaign, coming up next. For now, here is a pic of the map to Kamigan, if you want to follow our adventures:


Stay tuned for more exciting adventure from Fire n Dice...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Anima 4: Dragons & Ninjas & Traps, Oh My! pt3

You ready? You gotta be quick to catch sight of one. Here they come...Ninjas!!! There are two of them, and they are powerful. Did you see them? Look again. Don't worry if you missed them, there will be plenty more to come in later episodes, so stay tuned.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anima 4: Dragons & Ninjas & Traps, Oh My! pt2

Can our heroes survive their first encounter with a real monster? Find out when they face off against a baby earth dragon. Do you think they could survive without the help from their korobokuru friends, Hong and Fong?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anima 4: Dragons & Ninjas & Traps, Oh My! pt1

Our heroes learn the benefits of meditation and decide to take Hong and Fong up on their offer to explore a nearby sealed off temple set into a mountain. Traps, ghosts, and dragons await them.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Anima Supplement: Dominus Exxet

*New Update* As far as I know, Dominus Exxet doesn't release for another month, but I was just up at our local gaming store and they have two copies sitting on the shelf. If I wasn't in the store to buy Unknown Armies (because I can't find a cheaper copy online anywhere) I would have gotten it, but the $39.95 price tag for such a small book is too steep for me.

*Update* Dominus Exxet pre-orders are now going on sale. You can order a copy at Amazon for $26.37 and will release July 12, 2011.

From Fantasy Flight Games website comes the news that a new supplement to Anima Beyond Fantasy is soon to be released:

"The mysterious force known as Ki flows through all life, its ethereal current linking the spirit and the physical body. But the most exceptional among us can learn to channel and control their own Ki, and in so doing break the barrier that separates the material world from the spiritual one. Those able to tap into the Dominion of Ki gain the potential to surpass all normal human limitations, and as they cultivate their powers, they approach a total fusion of body and soul. To those of noble spirit, the Dominion of Ki grants balance, peace of mind, and the means to fight injustice. But to those who would abuse its power, this sacred knowledge is twisted into a terrible weapon."

"Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki! This supplement for the popular roleplaying game Anima: Beyond Fantasy is dedicated to the incredible applications of Ki, the innate inner power channeled by the greatest martial artists in the world."

"Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki delivers countless combinations of character possibilities, useful for players and gamemasters alike. Elevate your combat to a new level of spectacular cinematic splendor, as you create amazing new techniques, invoke fantastic creatures, or awaken long-dormant ancestral powers."

"Unlock the secrets of this ancient philosophy, including:

* New Dominion Techniques: More than a hundred powerful techniques designed for use by any character. Also included are detailed rules for the creation of customized Ki Techniques, with dozens of new effects and exclusive advantages.
* Ars Magnus: A complete and exhaustive list of unique capabilities that will allow fighters to carry out the most incredible wonders, from controlling primordial energies in combat to transforming so as to acquire new levels of power.
* Impossible weapons: Rules to effectively create and wield amazing weapons. Summon hundreds of flying swords with only the power of your soul.
* Martial arts: Sixteen new martial arts and alternative systems of learning that allow characters to improve the advantages that their fighting styles grant them at the same time that their abilities increase.
* Legacies of Blood: More than twenty powers latent in the blood of the characters. Raise the dead and use them like marionettes, or devour existence to increase your own spiritual energy.
* Advanced Combat: All the rules necessary to carry out combats at the highest level. Create earthquakes with your blows, go through mountains, or move so fast that your antagonists are incapable of seeing you.
* Seals of Invocation: Rules to invoke creatures using Ki with the five seals of the Samsara.
* And much more: New Ki Abilities, Combat Styles, Advantages, Limits, rules of learning for Ki, and the frightful powers of Nemesis."


Hopefully this will mean that more supplemental books will be translated into English very soon. There had been talk that FFG had put Anima on hold in place of it's other, more popular line, Warhammer 40k, but it looks, with this second supplement focused on Ki, that FFG and Anima fans who don't read the native Spanish editions have much to look forward to. You can guarantee I will be purchasing this copy when it is released this spring. Ki abilities and additional rules will be greatly more useful to my campaign than the first supplement, Gaia, which covers the world setting that I am not using. Thank you FFG.

Anima Fan Pics

We have our first fan pics. First is Giri the Oni weaponmaster:


And next is everyone's favorite little scamp, Filch. Where do those hotdogs come from?


Thank you, Ball-z, for your submissions. We're looking forward to seeing more character sketches from you, our fans.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anima 3: Kagi

Our heroes have survived their first battle. How will they make it past the border guards, and what other colorful characters await them down the road they travel and into the town of Kagi? Find out in Anima, session 3.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anima 2: Imperial Border pt 2

This episode is for the technical gurus who want to learn more about Anima combat mechanics. Because the system is complex and covers many different possibilities and powers in combat, we spent more time learning and perfecting the mechanics and less time on story flair. If you want to hear more story, stay tuned for the next episode which will be posting soon, and will conclude this session and begin session 3.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anima Combat

Part 2 to our 2nd Anima session will go up tomorrow. As a warning, it is very technical and doesn't have the kind of flair that SAAMies are known for, mostly because the Anima combat system is very complex and we are still acclimatizing ourselves to it. Future combat will be more seamless as we have a better grasp of the mechanics and won't have to refer back to the book so often, a book that did not come with an index. Anima Project Studio, please invest in indexes, I know you have one in Gaia, a sourcebook that I am not using since this game takes place in a world of my own creation, Kamigan. So, next posted pod will be for all the technical gurus out there who want to learn more on the mechanics of Anima. The conclusion will follow and pick up the story that got bogged down in mathematics.

Anima 2: Imperial Border pt 1

Our heroes find trouble waiting for them on the road into the Imperial Circle, their pasts come to haunt them. Join FnD as we explore the combat mechanics of Anima: Beyond Fantasy for the first time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anima: the Board Game

Yay, we got through a second session of Anima. It turned out to be almost entirely one single combat session. I think it went well and helped us to better understand how the system works so that in future games it should run more smoothly. I will edit and post tonight's session soon, it may be short just for entertainment purposes.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anima 1: Kamigan pt 1

We begin our first session with Nyxth, an Oni ranger played by Hero, Giri, an Oni weaponsmaster played by Ball-z, and Mofar, a human illusionist played by Mono, as they travel to the Imperial Circle for the largest celebration in over 50 years in honor of the new Emperor's coronation. On the way they meet X'iang, an elderly Tanuki, who invites them to share stories in a cave by a fire while passing time through a snowstorm.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Anyone interested in submitting artwork for Anima to use on the site? I put together this pic quickly for the front page on itunes. So far I can't see it, still working on the kinks, so here it is for now. Stay tuned for our first session, coming soon.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fire n Dice intro

This is an intro promo to test itunes and kiwi6 compatibility with Fire n Dice.

Coming Soon: Anima Beyond Fantasy campaign Kamigan

The Swing and a Miss troupe is expanding.  Ghost will be creating his own podcast feed on itunes to host just the upcoming campaigns, from his own Anima: Beyond Fantasy campaign to Hero's Wild Talents campaign to Ball-z's Dragonlance campaign.  So, stay tuned for more to come soon.