Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FnD News

So, yes, May has been very busy. We had the move, we had the Flipside of Con, and this was the tent we got set up to play in.


I got to meet a couple of people out there and almost got a game started, but if you know anything about the Flipside of Con, it's not exactly a follow-the-schedule kind of event. Ever heard of herding cats? Better luck next year, and maybe I'll figure out how better to wrangle a group of gamers, play lead to a communal kitchen, spin my many fire props, and still find time to run around like the "ooh, what's that?" kitties.

But, in better news, I have found a gaming group apart from the Swing and a Miss group. I will still be playing and running with the SaaMies, but while Hero is off plotting his next scheme for world domination from his secret underground volcanic base, I will be putting together another campaign for your listening pleasure, and mine of course. The game has yet to be determined by the group, so stay tuned for that. Any suggestions?

Also, more awesomeness. Hero will be bringing the game back this weekend, so more superhero action will be flyi... uh hum, I mean phasing your way very soon. In the mean time, comment, leave feedback, let us know you're listening and that you like/love/dislike/hate us, whatever you feel, let us know.


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