Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to Owlcon

Preregistration for Owlcon is now open. You'll want to get in as early as possible, many games have already filled all their seats. Look for my games BESM "Dragons and Bandits" and Unknown Armies "Brujos de Sinaloa" and Hero's A Penny for My Thoughts games when perusing the list of tabletop games to choose from.

Very soon I will have character sheets for UA posted up under the Unknown Armies tab, just as the Kamigan character sheets were posted up under the Anima/BESM tab. Also sent off to have business cards made, should be in just in time for the convention. If anyone is interested in joining the gaming group to play in Kamigan or in a new upcoming superhero campaign (a companion to Hero's Wild Talents campaign in a new gaming system) contact Ghost at and we will begin that immediately following the convention.

More to come.