Thursday, January 12, 2012


Beginning with the Big Eyes Small Mouth one shot being run this year at Rice University's Owlcon, Fire n Dice will be converting all of it's current campaigns to the Tri-Stat system published by Guardians of Order.  You've seen changes happening around here lately, Anima has become Kamigan after the setting, Wild Talents is now FeroCity, and Unknown Armies is Space City.  These are settings that I am creating with the help of players and plan on doing much more with them in the future.  The only constant is change, as they cliche, and that certainly holds much truth with FnD and Swing and a Miss.  Maybe we will switch to a different set of systems after Tri-Stat, who knows? What always remains is the setting.

Kamigan will continue to grow, the child emperor will begin a new reign, the Oda-Shichi will unleash their secret plots, and a soon to be revealed enemy from afar will begin a campaign of slaughter and domination over the entire known world.  What will become of Nyxth, Mofar, and Giri might never be known, but the world is vast and there are many stories yet to tell.

Space City still holds many secrets.  Magic, conspiracies, and a constant struggle across the border continue.  The Mnemosyne project still experiments on vessels, living bodies with no discernible consciousness, using them like radio receivers.  Brujos de Sinaloa will continue to traffic the Rio border, what their intentions are beyond self fulfillment is unknown, even to many of their own members.

VeloCity will see the rise of its sister city, FeroCity, come to power.  The super detectives may even make crossovers into the world of super mutants.

Also, new character profiles and stories will be added more regularly while a new group of players is being rounded up.  The new systems will be:
     Big Eyes Small Mouth - Kamigan
     Dreaming Cities - Space City
     Silver Age Sentinels - FeroCity