The super-detectives world of FeroCity was created by your Fire n Dice GM YuureiGhost and will soon be run through the Tri Stat system game Silver Age Sentinels (with some help from fellow Guardians of Order game Ex Machina). It follows the accounts of secret, privately funded experiments on school children in the after math of 2012 and their current state twenty years later. The FeroCity campaign is set in the not too distant future. Government powers have all but been taken over by the world's mega-corporations. Local and state law enforcements have been replaced by privately owned security forces. Education is now conducted entirely in online cyber-simulated classrooms, and everyone has an identification chip implanted onto their brain at birth. Cyberware has become common place for the middle class and upward, extending life expectancy by fifty years, and the upper class can enjoy wetwares, cyber neural interface implants that can connect to artificial or augmented reality simulators for the most believable out of body experience.

FeroCity is a street level supers campaign, meaning most of the powers that characters possess can be explained through some level of (only slightly exaggerated) science.  For instance, Haily has ice based powers that she harnesses through a lab experiment gone wrong using liquid nitrogen.  X is a trained assassin with ninja like abilities and an uncanny ability to seemingly disappear.  Mogwai is an expert hacker who spends more time inside security systems online than he ever does outside his own home.  And the Texas Hammer is a FeroCity attorney who works with the team's legal issues, ensuring that good prevails without being held down by red tape.

Nearby is the super-mutants world of VeloCity, as created by GM Hero of Swing and a Miss and is played through the Wild Talents system.  This campaign follows the accounts of H.U.N.T. (Human Ultimas Neutralization Team) and their apprehension of known or newly discovered mutants.  HUNT captures or employs mutants for the safety and survival of VeloCity citizens, as many new mutants have trouble coping with or controlling their new abilities.

Pham is American born from Vietnamese immigrants. His mother died when he was very young and his father is a drunken lech. The only blood relative he cares about is his sister Pham Lian, who he is trying (unsuccessfully) to rescue from a life of drug abuse and prostitution. He joined up with the only Asian gang in Velo City, the Tong, and had been living on the streets for the past seven years until he got picked up by the organization H.U.N.T. after security footage of his crime revealed his Wild Talent, phasing through matter. Since then he's given the H.U.N.T. more trouble than aide and would probably sell them out for props with the Tong.