Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy May

The Fire n Dice crew have been put on hiatus for the month of May. People moving homes, changing jobs, and prepping for The Flipside of Con, we haven't had time to return to the wonderful worlds of Kamigan or Velocity. But that's all about to change very soon. We have another session played through and being edited now, and a new guest player will be coming into Hero's campaign, and hopefully the other campaigns as well.

For now I wanted to show you all the game book we are using to play Wild Talents. From the game creator who brought you Unknown Armies and Monsters and Other Childish Things comes Wild Talents, Essential Edition. This is a great book at the absolute best price you can ask for in a hard copy. At only $10, the Essential Edition contains everything any player and GM needs to begin playing in their own comic book style, super hero game. The book explains all the rules you need for any situation, from combat to skill checks, and all the rules you need to build your character. It even has some pre-gen characters for players who want to jump right into gaming.

What the book does not have is story setting. The world of Wild Talents is entirely up to the play group with this bargain book, which is perfect for the Fire n Dice crew, seeing as we have a tendency to completely ignore canon in our games. Apart from that, a creative GM will be able to pick up this book at a steal and have all the resources necessary to run an awesome game. So be sure to pick one up at your local gaming store or online, you won't be disappointed.

Fore more information on Wild Talents, check out their site.