Friday, September 27, 2013


Fire n Dice is expanding. We're throwing sushi parties (pics we can't share with you, but oh ho ho are they fun). We're starting our own online adventure game where you the reader can play along and interact using your own dice at home. And now, we're venturing into webcomics with OtherSide, a fantasy parody of Flipside that hopefully will let you, our audience, get a better glimpse into what the fusion of fire and dice is all about. Burners and gamers unite.

Check out OtherSide here, and create your own webcomic at ComicFury.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Owlcon 2014

It's time to once again start thinking about our favorite regular gaming convention, Owlcon. Fire n Dice is proud to present the first selection we plan to run.

Double Cross is a wonderful RPG from Japan, written by Shunsaku Yano and translated into English by Ver. Blue Amusement. Thank you, guys, for your amazing contribution and dedication to the gaming world. Double Cross is a dark supers game about developing powers that you can use to shape the world around you, but with a hefty price. Find out more about Double Cross at J-Rpg. 

As you should all be aware, however, I don't run games in their canon, but prefer to mix in my own stories either entirely original or inspired by other works that would mix in seamlessly. For this game I have chosen Baccano!, a great anime that takes place in the 1930s America. It's a story about the events surrounding mafia families at war, bootleggers, kind-hearted robbers, and a deal with a devil. I highly recommend it as an anime to watch, if for no other reason than this is the only one I've watched where I enjoyed the English dub over its original Japanese voice acting. It fits perfectly and they did a wonderful job. Just watch JesuOtaku's review on it for more info:

I have decided upon my second game to run next year. Ever since I got my copy of Tenra Bansho Zero I've been trying to decide what anime would work best to run in. TBZ has all kinds of different character types, and it seemed the only story to run would be canon or in my own. The problem is that TBZ has character types that don't mesh well with Kamigan (like giant mecha) and I really, really want to keep them in. I don't want to stray from my own world unless it ties directly into a popular anime. To check out more on the amazing work and dedication of Andy Kitkowski's translation into English of the popular, direct from Japan role playing game, click Tenra Bansho Zero.

So, what then did I finally pick, after months of searching for the right anime? It's silly, it's over the top, it's awesomeness! Who the Hell do you think I am? That's right: Gurren Lagann. It'll be giant mecha, giant guns, giant drills (and for the heck of it lets throw in some giant magic thanks to TBZ) and saving the world from the beast men. And as if you needed a review of Gurren Lagann:

Hope to see you all out at Owlcon 2014.
And remember, keep your dice on the table, or we make 'em burn.