The world of Kamigan was created by (and constantly updated by) your Fire n Dice GM YuureiGhost and is played through the game mechanics of Anima: Beyond Fantasy and Big Eyes Small Mouth 2nd Ed. (Tri Stat system). Check out Monogatari for stories surrounding your favorite characters and new ones you haven't met yet.

Map of Kamigan
Kamigan is the "Land of the Gods" and is the Dragon in Eternal Slumber. The island is divided into six countries based from the ruling elements of nature: earth, air, fire, water, wood, and metal. At the center lies the Imperial Circle, home to the Mandate of Heaven, his holiness the Emperor descended from the gods Aya and Tsuyomi, and is the egg the dragon protects. Also on the map is the floating Genbu isle that travels a circular path around Kamigan. The calendar is based on this island's travel time which takes 360 days to make one revolution, equaling one year. There are twelve months, each with 3 tendays.  The people fear what would happen to the climate should Genbu, for any reason, stop travelling its journey.

Greater Races:

Bakeneko are cute cat-like people from Ki, the untouched forests in the east. They are playful and don't take life very seriously. They want you to think they are very friendly all the while cutting your purse strings or lifting valuables from your pockets. Bakeneko make great touzoku (thieves) and shinobi, anything that utilizes their quick instincts and soft padded footwork.
Kappa are river folk who appear similar to turtles. Most kappa are quiet and reserved, but highly intelligent and gifted. Their tough skin and strong shell makes them resistant to almost any attack against them, though they prefer to live peacefully, concocting potions or poultices from ingredients they find in the swamplands of Nuoc in the east.
The korobokuru are a short, stout race similar to dwarves in appearance, but tend to be more magical and less physical. Korobokuru are gifted craftspeople, but are very shy, keeping to their own communities. It is a wondrous and rare event to meet one. Their skills are highly prized, but cross one and you may never deal with one again, or if you do it may be the last thing you ever do.
Ningen are the most common of all races in Kamigan. Most like human, they are the most well rounded race, jack of all trades and master of none. It is said that in Kamigan all races have a parent god, all but the ningen. Some believe that when Ama and Tsuyomi created Kamigan, they also created ningen, while others say that the ningen just appeared there when the world was made and surprised the gods. Whatever is the truth, their destiny will shape the world.
Oni are a fearsome race, hailing from Hi, the land of fire in the south. Not much is known about this race for very few have survived trying to question one. Their temperament can be foul, and their rage devastating. Very strong but not very bright, Oni are best given wide berth or dealt with intelligently.
Tanuki are magical raccoon like creatures (who are perfectly proportioned in shape, no giant anything) who love to play the part of tricksters. Not always the brightest, tanuki have excellent magical abilities they tend to use for their own amusement. Mostly harmless, they just like to have a little fun and are easily disarmed when made to lose interest in their own fun.
Yousei are elven beings, in many ways similar to ningen. The yousei are, however, much more highly attuned to the magics flowing through Kamigan. Whether it be through deity worship or being in harmony with nature, yousei have amassed incredible magical power. Some choose to live in magic universities in cities, while others build groves in elaborate elven cities. Over the vast expanse of time since the creation of Kamigan, the yousei have dedicated themselves to the perfection of the magical arts, and thus their bodies have grown lithe. Only a fool, though, would mistake one for weak.

Warrior Classes:

The Samurai class is the most common of the warrior classes in Kamigan. Fast with a katana, quick on foot, the samurai are a powerful force, balanced for attack and defense. The samurai class emerged as servants to the daimyo and soon became defenders of justice to the townspeople. They are skilled in the ways of local law enforcement and investigation as well as fighting. They are warrior poets, a policing force, and an army. To be samurai is to dedicate oneself to serving the people.
Yojimbo class is the defender of the warrior classes. Yojimbo is the only class with the skills to wear heavy armours and carry a shield. Hard headed and blunt, yojimbo prefer to jump directly into a fight, taking damage, in order to protect their master or innocent civilians. Most carry a mace, club, or other blunt object as a weapon. Yojimbo were originally created as the last line of defense for daimyo, giving their lives to defend their master. Today yojimbo prefer a more peaceful means of capturing the enemy, letting them tire themselves out trying to break through their heavy armour.
The Daikyu class are rangers. Spending most of their time in the wilderness, hunting from afar, daikyu are masters of ranged fighting. They are expert trackers, hunters, and survivors in nature. They tend to feel some uneasiness inside city walls, feeling cramped and crouded, and so travel to smaller villages to sell meats and furs in markets. Some get recruited by daimyo as scouts for moving parties or trackers to find goblins and other beast tribes. A few join the army and end up training bowmen.
Heshang are warrior monks who live on the outskirts of larger towns in monasteries, practicing secret martial arts and seeking inner harmony. The heshang are fluid, moving like the element they have spent their entire life studying, be it floating like air, flowing like water, or powerful like a boulder rolling down a mountain, and have developed dual wielding techniques. All heshang have devoted their lives to their monastery, their god, and protecting their neighboring town, be it from bandits, thugs, or simply misguided fools. The heshang believe all conflicts can be decided through words, but fighting is a necessary last resort.

Deception Classes:

Shinobi are the assassins of the Deception classes. Their greatest power comes from escaping detection. Where Warrior classes will face an opponent, shinobi strike from the shadows, unseen, unheard, and even their kills make no sound. Shinobi are proud and fierce. Do not confuse shinobi with ninja, for shinobi are honorable above all else and protect their village over their own lives, even if their methods of garrote and poisons are looked down upon by haughty samurai.
Touzoku are thieves. Touzoku can range anywhere from pickpockets, to burglars, to robbers, to excavation adventurers, and can form any alliances they desire. Some towns have a secret, underground guild of thieves that many join. Other touzoku fancy themselves protectors of the forgotten and fallen in society, stealing from the rich to give to the lame and homeless, and form bands of outlaws on the roads between towns. There are even rumors of daimyo hiring skilled touzoku in secret to obtain artifacts otherwise too difficult or dangerous to acquire. Everyone who takes the path of the thief aspires to surpass the legendary Ghost Fox who, it is said, could pass through any wall or set of bars.
Dit Mieng are "Big Mouth" scoundrels. Quick witted and silver tongued, there is nothing that a Dit Mieng cannot get someone else to do for them. You will spot this scoundrel usually at the center of a group of thugs or groupies who cater to their every whim. Scam artists, fast talkers, bait and switchers, gold diggers, home wreckers... these all describe dit mieng who are better skilled at using their mouths than any other muscle.
Renkin are the closest to magicians of any class without using magic. Renkin are alchemists who use the ancient scientific arts to brew potions, create poultices, find metallic ore mixture recipes for sturdier and sharper blades, and ultimately to synthesize gold. Renkin spend most of their time in laboratories or out in nature searching for new and never before documented raw ingredients. A renkin's power and ability to defend himself comes from his collection of potent fire, acid, or other chemicals he keeps in flasks at all times. Renkin are also the only healing class without healing magic.

Mage Classes:

Mahouken are the epitome of battle mages, wielding steel in one hand and raw power in the other. They are able to shoot blasts of sharp rock at enemies before them, make their blades red hot with fire, blind enemies, or even turn them to stone. This class exists for no other purpose than to bring an invading army down to its knees, and for this reason the Mahouken have largely been extinguished in these more recent peaceful times. Daimyo fear their lust for power and destruction, fear that in their boredom they might try to conquer all Kamigan and challenge the gods themselves, and they're not far from wrong.
Lo Pan are puritanical mages, believing that learning anything else would be a waste of time. They can send forth bolts of lightning, streams of fire, clouds of frozen air all with the pointing of their fingers. To engage in a melee fight with one is near suicide, their very bodies emanate shocking pain that course through an enemies blade, only if you can penetrate their energy armor. Lo Pan today spend much of their time during peaceful Kamigan in education, be it locked away in magic towers, observing the celestial heavens and unlocking the secrets of the gods, or in schools teaching apprentices all the intricacies of magic.
Komuso are the wandering bards of Kamigan. There is a old saying that music tames the spirit, and Komuso have taken that concept to a new level. Travelling the countryside carrying no more than clothes, a few days rations, and their trusty instrument, Komuso follow ley lines of magical energy that only they seem to sense. A secret circuit board of energy nodes dot the landscape where they draw their power, where the veil between the common world and the spirit realm weakens and all kinds of yuurei and bakemono spill through. Komuso fight the spirits back into their realm, cleansing temples and homes they come across and only ask for a bit of food in return.
Sennin are devotees to Shizen, the goddess of all plants, big and small. Most sennin are thought of as dirty woods people by the common town folk, but sennin are granted powerful magic by Shizen. It is rare enough to ever meet sennin, but you will never find one without an animal companion, usually a large bear, tiger, or giant wolf. They commune with animals and can even transform into the creatures they run with, or worse, into hundreds of tinier creatures. Daimyo have had no need of a sennin's skill, since they can use daikyu, and tolerate them only out of respect to the balance of Kamigan. For those who have the ear of Shizen control the food supply of all the world.


The Tanuki loves to travel, all over the realms of Kamigan, and even to places few in the known Land of the Gods have ever heard about. Most often times he travels alone, but lately he has been spotted with an elven female who rarely speaks. He always manages to get himself into trouble, but somehow always comes out on top with a nice bit of expensive shiny, a bottle of sake, or a good bit of tale to share with fellow travelers around a campfire on the roads.