Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unknown Armies 3 "Killing is My Business..." pt 2

Our players are confronted with brujos from Sinaloa, their pursuers since the events that they cannot recall. How will they survive such a devastating attack?

Also, after this episode was recorded, the players have decided to take a break for holiday events, faire, and preparing for a new family addition. It is undetermined yet when this storyline will continue. Fire n Dice is looking for new players to continue the Kamigan storyline, so leave a comment if you are interested and live in the area. Be sure to find us spinning fire at Renfaire campgrounds, enjoying Oni-con for the first time Oct. 28-30th, and out at Owlcon where I will be running BESM set in the Kamigan universe, and UA set in Sinaloa where our favorite villains originated. Until next time...