Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Supers #2

Summer Movie Blockbusters.

Summer is the season for action, and comic super heroes are swinging, flying, shooting, and fighting their way onto the screen, all competing for your attention. With the release of Thor in 3D just last month, Green Lantern to open June 17, Captain America set to release July 22, a reboot of Spider Man set for summer of 2012, and X-Men First Class opening tonight, comic fans have a buffet of movie choices.

The FnD Crew, Hero mostly, are die hard comic fans, especially of the X line, X-Factor in particular. The release of this new movie is welcomed about as well as the newest Star Trek movie, where it deviates from all of the actors we've grown to associate as the main characters. As die hard fans we will watch the newest edition to the family, but are skeptical of the many changes. Often, the movies that take the origins approach feel too much like they're targeting the younger audience, alienating those of us who have grown up with our favorite comic characters.

But, until we can get another fix from Hero's Super VeloCity engine, we entertain ourselves in the ways the world provides, fantasizing about the superhero we imagine ourselves would like to be.

Flame on!

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