Monday, April 4, 2011

New Games and Fan Pics 2

We just started Hero's Wild Talents campaign last night. The first episode will be coming to you very soon, and I am excited by this campaign, looking forward to many more sessions. I won't spoil it until the edit is finished, but I will introduce the silver-tongued Church played by Mono, the lightning-fast powerhouse Ace played by Ball-z, and I am Pham "the Phamtom" Huy.

Also, we just got another art submission from Nano, who is only four years old. She drew this pic of your lovely Anima GM, me, that is Ghost:


So, anyone else want to send in pics or photos, or even story of our heroes in Kamigan, or later in Hero's Velo city for Wild Talents, post a reply and we'll see about getting your submissions put up here in the blog and commented on in the podcast.

Happy gaming.

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