Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Anima Supplement: Dominus Exxet

*New Update* As far as I know, Dominus Exxet doesn't release for another month, but I was just up at our local gaming store and they have two copies sitting on the shelf. If I wasn't in the store to buy Unknown Armies (because I can't find a cheaper copy online anywhere) I would have gotten it, but the $39.95 price tag for such a small book is too steep for me.

*Update* Dominus Exxet pre-orders are now going on sale. You can order a copy at Amazon for $26.37 and will release July 12, 2011.

From Fantasy Flight Games website comes the news that a new supplement to Anima Beyond Fantasy is soon to be released:


"The mysterious force known as Ki flows through all life, its ethereal current linking the spirit and the physical body. But the most exceptional among us can learn to channel and control their own Ki, and in so doing break the barrier that separates the material world from the spiritual one. Those able to tap into the Dominion of Ki gain the potential to surpass all normal human limitations, and as they cultivate their powers, they approach a total fusion of body and soul. To those of noble spirit, the Dominion of Ki grants balance, peace of mind, and the means to fight injustice. But to those who would abuse its power, this sacred knowledge is twisted into a terrible weapon."

"Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki! This supplement for the popular roleplaying game Anima: Beyond Fantasy is dedicated to the incredible applications of Ki, the innate inner power channeled by the greatest martial artists in the world."

"Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki delivers countless combinations of character possibilities, useful for players and gamemasters alike. Elevate your combat to a new level of spectacular cinematic splendor, as you create amazing new techniques, invoke fantastic creatures, or awaken long-dormant ancestral powers."

"Unlock the secrets of this ancient philosophy, including:

* New Dominion Techniques: More than a hundred powerful techniques designed for use by any character. Also included are detailed rules for the creation of customized Ki Techniques, with dozens of new effects and exclusive advantages.
* Ars Magnus: A complete and exhaustive list of unique capabilities that will allow fighters to carry out the most incredible wonders, from controlling primordial energies in combat to transforming so as to acquire new levels of power.
* Impossible weapons: Rules to effectively create and wield amazing weapons. Summon hundreds of flying swords with only the power of your soul.
* Martial arts: Sixteen new martial arts and alternative systems of learning that allow characters to improve the advantages that their fighting styles grant them at the same time that their abilities increase.
* Legacies of Blood: More than twenty powers latent in the blood of the characters. Raise the dead and use them like marionettes, or devour existence to increase your own spiritual energy.
* Advanced Combat: All the rules necessary to carry out combats at the highest level. Create earthquakes with your blows, go through mountains, or move so fast that your antagonists are incapable of seeing you.
* Seals of Invocation: Rules to invoke creatures using Ki with the five seals of the Samsara.
* And much more: New Ki Abilities, Combat Styles, Advantages, Limits, rules of learning for Ki, and the frightful powers of Nemesis."


Hopefully this will mean that more supplemental books will be translated into English very soon. There had been talk that FFG had put Anima on hold in place of it's other, more popular line, Warhammer 40k, but it looks, with this second supplement focused on Ki, that FFG and Anima fans who don't read the native Spanish editions have much to look forward to. You can guarantee I will be purchasing this copy when it is released this spring. Ki abilities and additional rules will be greatly more useful to my campaign than the first supplement, Gaia, which covers the world setting that I am not using. Thank you FFG.

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