Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anima Combat

Part 2 to our 2nd Anima session will go up tomorrow. As a warning, it is very technical and doesn't have the kind of flair that SAAMies are known for, mostly because the Anima combat system is very complex and we are still acclimatizing ourselves to it. Future combat will be more seamless as we have a better grasp of the mechanics and won't have to refer back to the book so often, a book that did not come with an index. Anima Project Studio, please invest in indexes, I know you have one in Gaia, a sourcebook that I am not using since this game takes place in a world of my own creation, Kamigan. So, next posted pod will be for all the technical gurus out there who want to learn more on the mechanics of Anima. The conclusion will follow and pick up the story that got bogged down in mathematics.

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