Sunday, March 30, 2014

ApolloCon 2014

Join Fire n Dice June 27 - 29th, 2014 as we run more games from popular anime. Owlcon was fun, but due to unfortunate circumstances, two games were unable to be played: Baccano! and Attack on Titan. So, we're bringing them back to ApolloCon! In addition, we are adding Blue Gender to the mix.

"In the year 2031, monstrous insect-like creatures known as the Blue replaced mankind as Earth’s dominant species, forcing the remains of the human race to flee into outer space.

After more than two decades in suspended animation, Yuji Kaido awakens to the nightmarish reality of the Blue infestation, finding the world transformed into a wasteland where humans are prey. Hope arises when the elite Sleeper Recovery Team attempts a rescue, but their mission ends in disaster. Yuji must join the Team to endure the killing fields of a ravaged Earth. It won’t be enough to simply escape the Blue – the survival of humanity rests in Yuji’s hands."

So register today and I'll see you out there this summer.

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