Saturday, March 30, 2013

BESM: 6Gun Samurai pt 2

The main characters have all been introduced. As the mystery begins to unfold they all see that they are connected to the events happening in town.  Will they work together or will centuries of mistrust and sordid past have them fighting each other?

I had lots of fun running again in the world of Kamigan and its newest neighbor countries.  One issue with running a convention game, though, that I still have yet to fully master is timing.  At a convention your game is limited to four hours, and I get so excited to run a game in my fantasy world that there are just too many plot hooks and stories I want players to enjoy.  At the same time, the players have fun interacting with each other in character that sometimes the story doesn't progress as quickly.

In this episode you'll hear how the players get into character and enjoy interacting with the other players and their characters.  As a GM I try to encourage this role playing to a point, so long as it doesn't deviate too far from the game, but I always end up with more for them to play out than I have time for.  I would love to have made this convention game into two or even three sessions.

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